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Welcome to Birch Grove - where three architecturally exceptional homes harmonise with the natural world to create enchanting living environments.

These three remarkable architect-designed homes, revealed at the end of a 100 metre long, gated private drive, blend with the natural world to create captivating luxury living spaces. Each named after local woodland plants, the homes combine architectural refinement with the embrace of serene natural surroundings. 

Outside, they gracefully meld with the contours of the land. From within, voluminous living spaces unfold to accommodate a variety of lifestyles, whether seeking a tranquil sanctuary for rejuvenation or a social haven for cherished moments with friends and family. These state-of-the-art super sustainable homes all incorporate energy efficient features such as solar panels and air source heat pumps. 

Birch Grove is where responsible living coexists harmoniously with the allure of the English countryside, and cutting-edge contemporary architecture, offering a luxury, eco-conscious haven like no other.

Speaking Volumes

Step into a realm where the boundaries between indoors and outdoors dissolve, and refined interiors seamlessly merge into the surrounding landscape. Whilst the houses share many remarkable design elements such as soaring pitched ceilings, expansive living spaces, statement fireplaces, and vistas out across the gardens and beyond, they also possess their own distinct identities and features.

Considered craftsmanship

Yarrow, Campion and Blackthorn have been designed and built to the highest specification and standards, commensurate with the expectations of today’s sophisticated and environmentally discerning resident. Every element of these stunning properties is truly exceptional. The extensive specification is testament to the far-reaching attention to detail bestowed on every aspect of this unique development.

Green premium

Birch Grove’s sustainable credentials are second to none. Each of the state-of-the-art homes incorporates energy efficient features including integrated solar panels, air source heat pumps, MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery) Systems and electric car chargers, alongside Smartphone touchscreen controlled underfloor heating and zero VOC paint throughout the interiors. This is where responsible living coexists with the hi-end design to create an eco-conscious oasis like no other.


At Birch Grove, nature's allure reigns supreme. Biophilic design, the concept of enhancing human connectivity with the natural environment, gracefully ushers in nature and natural light to each home through expansive picture windows, sliding glass walls and open-air atriums, for Yarrow and Campion. Every thoughtfully designed vista offers mesmerizing views of the surrounding landscape and carefully considered planting.

To ensure these elegant homes provide a true sanctuary for regenerative living, they have been positioned and designed according to Feng Shui principles, each radiating positive energy, natural balance and a seamless flow.

Next to nature

There is a natural splendour to the exterior planting.  A diverse tapestry of native species harmoniously blends British wildflowers and shade-tolerant woodland varieties. As if painted by nature's brush, the rewilded and cultivated landscape elements embrace each home with seamless grace.

Private gardens and communal open spaces exude a sense of fluidity and informality. Boundaries are gently shaped using natural raised forms, ensuring privacy between the homes. Thoughtfully spaced silver birch trees line winding pathways with soft, inviting edges. Meadows bloom, inviting biodiversity to thrive, blurring the boundaries between the homes and the ancient woodland that lies beyond — a testament to Birch Grove’s intimate connection between architecture and nature.